An AT&T U-verse Internet Review Plus Deals And Coupons
An AT&T U-verse Internet Review   U-verse from At&t is all about using fiber optic technology in providing the fastest, uninterrupted and affordable internet service. U-verse is a part of AT&T and currently it is available as U-verse TV, Internet and Voice. You may get AT&T U-verse internet separately, together with voice and television or… (0 comment)

T-Mobile Sidekick II Review
T-Mobile Sidekick II- Our Review Like Mini Me, most sidekicks are lovable, even a little comical. They tag along with the hero and lend a hand when they can. Not this baby. It’s a hardcore messaging monster that doesn’t let up. Hot out of the Danger labs, the Sidekick PV-100 (aka Sidekick II) redefines what… (0 comment)

HP iPaq h6315 Review
HP iPaq h6315 Our Review   If you’re tired of handhelds that just can’t connect, you need something more flexible. You need a promiscuous PDA that will hook up with anything. You need the HP iPaq h6315. With a built-in GSM/GPRS transceiver, 802.11b Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 1.1, the h6315 has an open port for any… (0 comment)

Audiovox PPC4100 Review
Audiovox PPC4100 – Our Review The handheld may have one foot in the grave, but the smart phone is in its robust and rosy-cheeked prime. And one of the latest fresh-faced youths is the Audiovox PPC4100, carried by AT&T; Wireless. Though hampered by a short standby time, the compact Audiovox is a sensibly priced Pocket… (0 comment)

Sony Ericsson S710a Review
Sony Ericsson S710a – Our Review   Sony Ericsson S710a They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about the phone-cam pictures you took over the weekend, drunk, in a dark and crowded bar? Are those blurred streaks of light worth even one word? With most camera phones, capturing a worthwhile photo… (0 comment)

Motorola i860 by Boost Review
Motorola i860 by Boost – Our Review What’s better than a bitchin’ phone? A bitchin’ phone with tribal tats and prepaid service — so you can avoid the hassle of a contract and ditch the cell when an even more bitchin’ phone comes along. Boost Mobile’s latest offering is just that, matching mad features with… (0 comment)

Nokia 7280 Review
Nokia 7280 Our Review From whispers to full-blown harassment, the Nokia 7280 definitely turns heads. So much so that while using it on your commute you may wish that the long, slim phone would suddenly turn into the weapon it so resembles — a can of pepper spray — just to keep the gawkers in… (0 comment)

Samsung SCH-a890 Review
Samsung SCH-a890 -Our Review   Like the car you drive, the cell phone you tote reveals a lot about you. If you were to carry Samsung’s SCH-a890, it would say that you’re not the flashiest person in a crowd, but you can be dependable, stylish, and possibly exciting when the moment calls for it. Kind… (0 comment)

Motorola A630 Review
Motorola A630 – Our Review Sure, you can type an SMS on any phone. But with the Motorola A630, there’s more than meets the eye. Under its unassuming facade, there’s a messaging dynamo lurking. Top Read : Get The Latest Deals Right Here For a candy-bar phone, the A630 looks sort of odd. It’s… (0 comment)