THE WORST NOTEBOOKS OF ALL TIME Lapflops? Craptops? Jokebooks? Whatever you call them, these were some of the world’s most disastrous mobile PCs ever unleashed Data General DG/One, 1984 The 12-inch LCD was phenomenally large for its day, if only you could actually read the text on it. Osborne Executive, 1984 How do you sink… (0 comment)

13 CRITICAL MACHINES 1975 IBM 5100 Portable Computer The first computer with a built-in display, this 50-pound monster was swept under the rug after the PC came out in 1981. 1981 Osborne 1 Adam Osborne’s labor of love was an overnight success … and an overnight failure. Today it is remembered fondly as a pioneer… (0 comment)

THE RISE OF THINKPAD By all accounts, IBM’s portable endeavors leading up to the early 1990s were a joke. Heavy, underpowered, and just plain broken, IBM portables were in the curious position of having the platform that everyone wanted to emulate with hardware that was half-assed at best. By 1990, portable computers were a $5.4… (0 comment)

THE FIRST LAPTOP In this same era, a new class of low-cost, low-power computers was born. Epson’s HX-20 , introduced in 1982, was the first computer described as a “laptop.” These were tiny machines designed to be propped in your lap instead of used on a desk. The HX-20 tipped the scales at barely 3… (0 comment)

The Birth of the Notebook Computer   by Christopher Null Before I get into this in full I wanted to let our readers know about coupons,deals, promotions, and discounts. Here at, we aim to provide you with great bargains when they are available for top products that you may be interested in so check out… (0 comment)

The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time
The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time Was Originally posted in August 2005 by Mobile PC Mag Whether they’re strapped to our belts, sitting on our desks, or jammed in an overstuffed closet, we absolutely love our gadgets at MobilePcMag. I like all things techie and at the moment through the use of promo code deals,… (0 comment)