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productDell Promotions and Deals

What do we think of when we think of Dell? Cutting-edge design and fashion-forward aesthetics? Products that surprise us with their innovation and beauty? A history of pushing the computer and electronics industry into uncharted territory?

productTargus Wireless Multimedia Presenter

Fumbling with someone else’s cheap presenter can make your presentation look as trashy and disjointed as Anna Nicole on a weeklong Popov binge. Ah, the freedom of your own remote. Not only is the Targus Wireless great for presentations with its hotkeys that effortlessly let you jump between programs and launch your browser or e-mail, but it’s also great for personal use as a remote for all your media. Simply connect the USB key to your notebook, press two buttons, and you’re ready to rock.

productMotorola Razr V3

You need a little help. It’s not that you’re unattractive, by any means. But you could probably use a bit of guidance to give your image a much-needed boost. Or, for less than the cost of a weekend fashion retreat, you could just grab a Motorola Razr V3.

productSony Ericsson K700i

Lighten up, buddy. If your workweek exceeds 60 hours and your other car is the A train, you need a little time off. Barring that, you need a Sony Ericsson K700i. With a built-in FM radio, a VGA camera, and 3D games, it’s about as much fun as you can have with a cell phone without setting it to vibrate.

productEclipse Solar Gear Solar Backpack

Dirty hippies rejoice! Sure, we all love frolicking in the patchouli fields, but that doesn’t mean we want to leave our notebooks behind. The solar Eclipse backpack can charge a cell phone in about three hours, so long as the sun is shining bright. With three major compartments and a peck of packable pockets, the Eclipse sacrifices your comfort for storage capacity. As much as we love to stay powered up on the go, the Eclipse’s ill-padded compartments make carrying your gear a pain — literally.

productAT&T Discount Offer Options

If Research in Motion made a handset for the Britney Spears set, it would probably look a lot like the Ogo, sporting a big, friendly QWERTY keypad, a massive display, and a wacky plastic case that could just as easily hold gum drops as cellular circuitry. Don’t get us wrong: The Ogo has some utility, but it’s certainly more toy than tool.

productAudiovox PPC-6601

A performance-enhancing drug scandal can end your pro sports career, but if you’re a phone, it only adds to your allure. Slider phones have come a long way from the early days of the puny Kyocera V5, and the muscle-bound Audiovox PPC-6601 has clearly been juicing — bulking up with a built-in keyboard, Bluetooth, and 192MB of storage to beat down the competition. Though its battery life could use a little more oomph, the PPC-6601 is an all-around powerful smart phone.

productBelkin Wireless Pre-N Router

Feeling a little inadequate? It could be your router’s fault. After all, even though most 802.11g routers claim to hit 54Mbps and broadcast up to 300 feet, none of them actually do. That’s why industry wonks have been chortling wildly about the next step in Wi-Fi, 802.11n. Alas, the 802.11n standard is still a long way off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little boost today. To this end, Belkin proudly presents its Wireless Pre-N Router. The only downsideto all of this is streaming . Everyone is moving towards streaming online and there are great new products being developed for online entertainment like Directv for example .Now owned by At&t it is the future of streaming tv ( we suggest a coupon code to save on a new subscription )

productSony Vaio VGN-T150P

Performance or portability: You get only one. And either way, it’s gonna cost you.

This tried and tested aphorism remains true today, and Sony once again proves that when it comes to Vaio notebooks, it’s gonna cost you even more.

productApple iPod Photo

The iPod has always been the model of simplicity — a great music player with no extra pretensions. That’s why in April of last year, Apple president Steve Jobs avowed his company’s commitment to the iPod with the Clintonesque quip, “It’s about the music, stupid.” But less than a year later, Apple released the iPod Photo, which turns the world’s most popular digital music player into a mobile photo album as well. That’s not just a major shift in focus for Apple; it’s a vast departure from the iPod’s core competency. Consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, but there’s something to be said for sticking to what you’re good at.

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