Audiovox PPC4100 Review
Audiovox PPC4100 – Our Review The handheld may have one foot in the grave, but the smart phone is in its robust and rosy-cheeked prime. And one of the latest fresh-faced youths is the Audiovox PPC4100, carried by AT&T; Wireless. Though hampered by a short standby time, the compact Audiovox is a sensibly priced Pocket… (0 comment)

Audiovox PPC-6601
A performance-enhancing drug scandal can end your pro sports career, but if youre a phone, it only adds to your allure. Slider phones have come a long way from the early days of the puny Kyocera V5, and the muscle-bound Audiovox PPC-6601 has clearly been juicing — bulking up with a built-in keyboard, Bluetooth, and… (0 comment)