HP iPaq h6315 Review
HP iPaq h6315 Our Review   If you’re tired of handhelds that just can’t connect, you need something more flexible. You need a promiscuous PDA that will hook up with anything. You need the HP iPaq h6315. With a built-in GSM/GPRS transceiver, 802.11b Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 1.1, the h6315 has an open port for any… (0 comment)

James Bond kept tabs on the bad guys with a tracking display in the glove box of his Aston Martin. But the reality of dashboard navigation today, particularly if it involves both Bluetooth and GPS, isn’t so much like Goldfinger as it is like On Golden Pond. That is to say, Bluetooth GPS devices are cranky, lose track… (0 comment)

Because you hate to compromise — on anything — Hewlett-Packard bundles almost everything you could possibly want in a handheld into the iPaq Pocket PC h4350. The result, predictably, looks a little glued-together, but that’s the price of having it all — you just can’t fit it into a neat little package. Top Read :… (0 comment)

HP iPaq HX4700 Review
HP iPaq HX4700 – Our Review It’s not polite to point. But with the HP hx4700, you’ve got full license to stick your finger anywhere you like. Eschewing the more limited five-way pad found on just about every other handheld made today, the hx4700 sports a full-functioning touch pad just below its massive touch screen.… (0 comment)