Motorola i860 by Boost Review

Motorola i860 by Boost Review
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Motorola i860 by Boost – Our Review

Motorola_i860.jpg What’s better than a bitchin’ phone? A bitchin’ phone with tribal tats and prepaid service — so you can avoid the hassle of a contract and ditch the cell when an even more bitchin’ phone comes along. Boost Mobile’s latest offering is just that, matching mad features with an edgy, industrial design that will surely get you noticed while you’re sippin’ yo bub up in da club.

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Utilizing the same spring technology as the beloved switchblade, the i860 snaps open with a press of the silver nub located on the phone’s hinge. Not only is this fun, it also exposes you to some serious goods under the hood. Amenities include a brilliant 262,000-color LCD and a digital camera.

On the downside, the camera’s 0.3-megapixel resolution is hardly appropriate for a VIP-class phone that costs nearly $400. You do, however, get a good number of preloaded MP3 ringtones, such as “Give It Away Now,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulders,” and “It’s My Life,” plus a ton more for download. There’s also a solid selection of applications and the convenience of the Nextel-supported walkie-talkie service.

And you may just want to use that service, because pressing the i860’s wee buttons is a finger-twisting chore. Even if you happen to have dainty fingers, it’s hard to hit the tiny keys. But the phone works competently and rarely fumbles a call.

Despite being a tatted-up, thugged-out device, the i860’s features prove that it’s just a geek at heart. So if you see one, compliment it for its multiple applications — just not in front of the other Boost phones, or you might ruin its street cred. –Daniel Dumas

Best Feature: Bling-bling LCD screen
Worst Feature: Crunked, cramped keypad

Motorola i860 by Boost
Price: $370 with prepaid service
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Size: 4.6 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches
Specs: iDEN 800; 220 x 176-pixel, 2.2-inch color display; 1.4-inch external color display; MP3 ringtones; 0.3-megapixel camera and video recorder; walkie-talkie service



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